Michigan Medical Marijuana Card

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Michigan Medical Marijuana Card    After My Certification           

Send In Your Information

It's best to send your medical marijuana application in through certified mail. This will give you proof that you sent your application and when you sent your application in to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA).

The address is provided on the application instructions.

The link for these PDFs are below:

 Application Form and Instructions New!

 Application Form and Instructions for Minors New!

 Change Form and Instructions New!

RENEWAL Application Form and Instructions New!

RENEWAL Application Form and Instructions for Minors New!

Don't forget to include: 

* Copy of your drivers license
* Copy of your caregivers drivers license
* Money order or check
* Physician certification from Michigan licensed MD/DO
* Documentation that verifies receipt of benefits from state or federal agencies.

(IF applicable)

* Caregiver Attestation (IF applicable)

It has been taking over 60 days now to get a Michigan medical marijuana card. The law states that if the state doesn't issue the patients card or notify them of denial in 20 days the applicants registration becomes their card.

This means you need to print copies of all your forms and paperwork, your money order receipt and your receipt from the post office for proof of delivery. Save all this information in a safe place. After 20 days if you haven't been denied you are legal to posses marijuana. Always keep a copy of a copy of your paperwork on you if you are possessing Michigan medical marijuana, if you don't you fall victim to be processed like a citizen with illegal marijuana.

 You should have 1 original and 3 copies total.

The original copy to the State,

1 copy for you to file in a SAFE PLACE!,

1 copy for your caregiver,

1 extra copy to carry on your person when possessing Michigan medical marijuana.