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Michigan Medical Marijuana Card's B-DAY!

Posted by [email protected] on January 18, 2012 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Site was launched today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!
Make sure to link and bookmark us where ever you go :)

Twitter account made!

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Just created the Twitter account!

Follow us on @MichiganMMCard :)


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Welcome to Michigan Medical Marijuana Card!

I am listing some very important software that you MUST have!

We have used Skype exclusively in the past but in the future I can see Tango coming into the picture for all of you mobile patients in this fast paced world. Skype is mainly tied to Pc and Mac. You can get it on a mobile phone but as of the last time I checked they haven't had the video feed up and running. That's where Tango comes into play, with Tango you can use it on any 3G-4G smartphone with a forward facing camera. The quality is lower but it works all the same.

What does this mean for you?

Another way to connect with our doctors!

Most older computers have to add a video-cam/mic componets if they would like to use Skype, unless your updated and have the latest desktop monitor that has built in video cam and mic. Most new labtops come with pre built in video-cam and mic/speaker.

The great news is!


-If you have one-

Granted to have a video conversation your smartphone must have a forward facing cam. Excellent right!? I'm currently working along side with our doctors to constantly keep updated in the technology field.

For desktop and labtop users:

We have used Skype as a medium in the past to facilitate a meeting between the patient(s) and the doctor(s). Using Skype is a great way to link up patient(s) that would not normally be able to have access to transportation to any of our clinics.

For desktop, labtop, tablet and cellphone users:

I am working to have our doctors use Tango In the future as well, Tango does not require a 4G connection! 3G,4G and WI-FI all work to connect Tango users. So be ahead of the game and download it now!

More information on Tango



Don't get me wrong you still need to fill out the documents and submit/send them in to us OR download the documents and fill them out and bring them in with you to your certification.

I've made it easy enough that you should be able to do all of this from a cell phone.

I've added links below for added ease.

 For Skype download -> http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/get-skype/

 For Tango download -> http://www.tango.me/

Thanks for joining me for this bit of tech talk!

-N @ Michigan Medical Marijuana Card