Michigan Medical Marijuana Card

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  -Michigan Medical Marijuana Card Certification.

  -Michigan Medical Marijuana Card Certification. (Renewal) coming soon!


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"Please book according to the available time frames listed below.
The time frames below are for December 2012.- *Updating in progress for the 2013 season.

                                                             *Cities & Times in Michigan*                                                                  -Burton:Day [SU] the 9th, 16th ,23rd ,30th.                       (Time frame available: 11:30a-3:30p) 
-Three Rivers:Day [SU] the16th.                                        (Time frame available: 9a-12p) 
-Lansing:Day    [SU] the 16th.                                                (Time frame available: 3p-6p) 
-Greenville:Day [TU] the 4th,18th.                                      (Time frame available: 4p-6p) location 1
                     Day [TU] the 4th,11th,18th.                             (Time frame available: 6p-9p) location 2
-Grand Rapids:Day [WE] the 5th,12th.                             (Time frame available: 6p-8p) 
-Grand Rapids:Day [TH] the 6th,13th,20th,27th.            (Time frame available: 6p-8p) 
-Battle Creek:Day     FR] the 7th & 21st                            (Time frame available: 6p-8p) 
-Bay City:Day            [FR] the 14th & 28th                         (Time frame available: 6p-9p) 
-Muskegon:Day  [SA] the 1st,8th,15th,22nd,29th.         (Time frame available: 1p-4p) 
-Port Huron:Day [SA] the 1st,15th,29th.                          (Time frame available: 10a-1p) 
-Waterford:Day   [SA] the 15th,29th.                                 (Time frame available: 3:30p-6p) 
-Adrian:Day         [SA] the 15th.                                          (Time frame available: 9a-7p) 


Watch the videos below to get started on your Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification, Print off your paper work below

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Michigan Medical Marijuana Card    (Submit Online/Download Form Links)

We have two ways for you to fill out your information.

You don't have to send in your information if you don't want to, you can simply just go down further to the downloadable links. Click each one and save them, then print them off and fill them out.

*Just be sure to bring them with you to your certification.


(Online Form Links Below)

Michigan Medical Marijuana Card Patient Evaluation Form

Michigan Medical Marijuana Card Patient Intake & Attestation Form

Fill both of these out and submit them and go to the next (Step 2) Video


 Go to the links below and

  download the forms to print them out.


(Take them with you when you see our doctors)

(Downloadable Links Below)

Patient Evaluation Form


Patient Intake and Attestation Form

Fill these out and then bring them in with you to your certification, along with your 1-10 pages of qualifying medical condition records.

Now go below to the next (Step 2) Video

Michigan Medical Marijuana Card Getting Started    (Step 2) Video

Video coming soon.

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